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Wooden vending carts are our response to the growing needs of customers in the area of mobile sales of various products.

Typical shop furniture as well as classic sales stands which we know from shopping malls and duty-free zones, are more and more often removed giving space for various types of more interesting products.

Wooden vending cart is one of these product. Due to its unique look, eye-catching form, and beautiful finishing, it attracts attention and the selling product itself is presented in an outstanding way.

Wooden vending cart may also become an attraction of the interior due to which we will stand out from the crowd.

Wooden vending cart may be used to sell sweets, flowers, souvenirs, clothes, perfumes, or as a bar for champagne, or ice-creams.

Moreover, it may work in shops, shopping malls, duty-free zones, restaurants, hotel lobbies, outdoor events.

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