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Design and opening of a food-service premises is a complicated, multi-layered process. You need to bring together vision, ability, and technical skills to come up with the end-product. Navigating the meanders of each stage and coordinating designers and contractors can be costly and time-consuming.

In order to meet the needs of savvy investors who value their time and would like the process of opening new premises to go ahead in a smooth fashion, we offer them the ability to take over specific parts of the proceedings, such as design of the back of the house and the interiors, preparation of the installation guidelines, arranging the premises and the appliances and equipment.

Total or partial investment management conducted by one company gives the investor improved control, removes the necessity for contractor coordination, and saves precious time.

Additionally, we have prepared clear price lists divided into segments and sample estimates for premise appliances and additional equipment.

The whole process has never been clearer. Please get in touch to find out more.

Designing both technology for gastronomy and individual furniture or entire bar constructions is a large part of our work. Every day we work with many materials such as steel, wood, stone, decorative elements and lighting. We make drawings primarily for ourselves and our investors and used them to understand the final product, and to control contractors, installations, and to ensure that the final appearance of the entire back-up facility or custom-made elements is satisfactory. After years of work, we have developed our own work standards, which can be seen in sample drawings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can look after the whole design process of a restaurant, including technical design, all appropriate expert approvals, interior design, and building works. We can provide the equipment for the back of the house, kitchen, bar, front of the house. We can provide appliances, steel/wood elements. We can also just look after one part of the whole process, as per client’s needs.


Technical design is not necessary as long as all the equipment and appliances are installed according to the norms and requirements of the specific control institutions. This does not change the fact that institutions such as SANEPID like to base their decisions on technical designs. Technical design is used to coordinate the whole design process. It allows for more awareness when planning the back of the house, front of the house; it allows for planning partitions, installations, ventilation, décor; it allows for preparation of appliance combinations and coordination of orders; it also makes it easier to have the planning permissions approved sooner, for example by SANEPID.


The whole process of opening a food-service premises is quite complicated and dependent on lots of various factors, but one could say that simple premises not requiring lots of design and redecoration works could be opened within 2 months, larger ones between 3 and 5 months..


Approximate costs of opening a food-service premises can be calculated using our estimated costs of back of the house, bar, mobile catering, and additional equipment. These costs need to be added to the cost of the premises preparation (redecoration/ rebuilding), interior, and additional costs occurring during the works on the investment.


No, our company has operated since 2007 and we have worked out optimal appliance standards; this means that we provide appliances of chosen specialist brands that produce equipment for the specific market. This means that spare parts are easily available, or we have them in stock. All the equipment we provide is the equipment that has worked well in our previous projects.


With comprehensive implementations, the advance payment is 30%, the second instalment is 50% payable (at the latest) on the day of delivery, with the remaining 20% due after completion.


All faults and problems that occur within the warranty period are removed as soon as possible, not later than within 2 working days. This time can be extended when fault happens during a holiday, or when parts need to be ordered. We can also service and look after the appliances after the warranty period ends. On the same terms.



    (c. 1 week)

    Setting the vision and requirements of the investor. If necessary – checking the premises according to SANEPID requirements and future approval requirements.


    (1 day)

    Each premises can be equipped in various ways. Usually, the appliances delivered by our company belong firmly in the middle of the price-range, however – with our help - the investor is able to specify the elements of equipment that they are particularly interested in and what they would like to make additional investment in. The main aim is to not include the elements that the investor will definitely not want to purchase.


    (c. 2 weeks)

    Initial design preparation takes a few days. At a later date, together with the investor, we optimise the equipment, taking into account the work ergonomics, SANEPID requirements and the budget. The design is usually ready after 2-3 revisions. Time devoted to this process is mainly dependent on the investor and how quickly they can respond to our suggestions (there are usually additional consultations with the chef, architect and cooperating companies)


    (3-4 days)

    Pricing is prepared after the design had been approved. We can inform the investor about prices of specific elements during the design process, but we do not prepare intermediate pricings. This form of work allows the investor to set the end budget and this specified amount allows us to work on substituting or negotiating prices.


    (c. 2 weeks)

    After preparing the calculations, should a need arise, we can introduce changes in the design and equipment to reach a satisfactory level of investment. The timing of this stage is also mainly dependent on the decision-making speed of the investor.


    (2 days)

    Once furniture and equipment have been approved, we prepare the installation instructions. We specify where the electricity and water, etc. mains should be placed. We also specify the power and current requirements so that the installation goes well.

  7. ORDER

    (c. 5 weeks)

    Usual timeframe for furniture production is between 3 and 5 weeks and depends on the complexity of design and the production waiting times. Some appliances are available immediately and can be delivered the next day. The rest of the equipment and appliances should be ready at a similar time as the furniture. If timings are different, we inform the investor or look for replacements. If specific appliances are not essential for the running of the business, they can be delivered at a later date.


    (c. 2-days)

    Installation of equipment and appliances usually lasts 1-2 days, as long as the premises are appropriately prepared. The number of installers is set accordingly with the amount of work that needs to be done so the process is fast. If the premises are not prepared appropriately (lack of sockets), lack of appliances (untimely delivery), or other unexpected circumstances, this might extend the installation period, just like in any installation works.


    (1 day)

    Training is best delivered following the installation, but before the opening of the premises. The period of time between the installation and opening the premises is usually a few weeks long and the personnel can rotate. We inform the client how to use the equipment, what to pay attention to, and how to look after the appliances. After the training, we can always be contacted via the telephone.


    (no dates)

    Appliances delivered by us are maintained according to the warranty conditions of the specific machines. Large elements such as heating equipment, ovens, chillers are fixed on the premises. Smaller appliances such as chip pans, contact grills, mixers, etc., are fixed in external service points so they will not be on the premises during the service. We try to be very responsive and reply within 1-2 days, but this can extend due to weekends, holidays and need to order spare parts. When you work with us, you can also use rental food service equipment.


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