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Since the beginning of our activity in gastronomy we have been designing workplaces trying to optimise them in a way they are as efficiently as possible. In case of gastronomic trailers or mobile carts it is extremely important due to limited space. Bars are another places where an arrangement has a great influence on work quality as well as efficiency.
Our offer includes standard bar modules, with which the arrangement of the whole bar becomes simple, repeatable and, if necessary, easy to change.
We design complete bars for places such as restaurants, cafes, clubs, or petrol stations individually for every project. Our wide experience, which may be confirmed by our reference book, let us meet our customers’ needs, requirements, and budgets.
As a complement for our bars we offer full range of devices such as blenders, coffee machines, or ice machines. In the catalogue we present trusted producers of those devices.
We hope that our offer let You become familiar with the theme of optimising a bar and help You with selecting the right one -yours.

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Our bar in one of the oldest Polish restaurant – Wierzynek.
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Our suppliers

A great number of bars we have designed and performed let us select appropriate partners.
Due to our experience as well as our customers’ opinions we have selected a small group of suppliers we work with.
Because of lots of investments we have realised, we are able to know the devices really well, to become familiar with their details and capabilities as well as to react more efficiently if the event of a breakdown.