Why it’s better to be mobile?

Street food
Changes in social life together with a trend to spend time outside give new possibilities in business development. One of them is definitely Street food. We love to eat and drink in a street. Mobile sales points become a standard element of a city scenery and an attraction not only for tourists.
Our proposition – what and for whom?
Coffee bike, juice and lemonade bike, ice-cream bike, panini bike, or any other gastronomic bike is a great idea for your first business. Moreover, it may be the adventure of your lifetime. It requires less financial investment, and consequently it reduces the risk of possible decrease in financial values.
Gastronomic bike as a first business is just one of our propositions. Our offer is intended also for people who are tired of working in big corporations as well as for people who are over their careers. It is great opportunity for being financially independent, working outside, enjoying fresh air and protecting the environment by using your own muscles for moving.
If you are a successful businessman and your business is running very well, a gastronomic bike will be just another tool for earing money. Using one of our gastronomic bikes, you can create both an entirely new concept or a mobile supplement of your already existing gastronomy.
However, the greatest advantage of a mobile business, which arises directly from the mobility itself, is the fact that while your initial workplace turn out to be unsuccessful, you can easily move to another place. If a customer couldn’t find you, you may find him instead!

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Small bike, big opportunities

A gastronomic bike is a tool that offers many opportunities for growth. It is an ideal tool for small entrepreneurs and a perfect solution for giants to scale their business.
We can easily adjust it to our needs in terms of the product sold, and modify it over time.

It is also a repeatable work tool, which guarantees simplicity in developing franchises and catering concepts.

Enjoy what you do

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.
We all know this cliché… But isn’t there a lot of truth in it?
A bike gives you the opportunity to be independent. Work where and when you want.
As with any business there are failures… But when one venue doesn’t work – what other business can be moved so easily?

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Work wherever you want

Freedom. That’s the key word.
Permanent venues, events, weddings, theme parks, boardwalks… and more…
How about being in a different place every day? With a gastronomic bike you can work where the traffic is… where the action is… where the money is…
This is an unprecedented concept in terms of applicability and ease of working in new locations

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Electric bike

In our bikes we install electric engines.
Gliczarów Górny. One of the stages of Tour De Pologne. 5.4 km of extreme hill with a gradient of 16%. Is there any better place to check our bike?

E-bike is a great solution to support handling while transporting the bike. In gastronomic bikes the engines are mounted centrally which gives extraordinary results and makes work
much easier.
We recommend the E-bike for those who have to move frequently.
Do you want to check how our electric drive is doing? We have prepared a video for you!

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About us

Our company
Our company has been established since 2007. We are proud of being a leader of gastronomic bikes as well as sales concepts. We offer the greatest number of mobile devices in Europe. In our offer you may find for instance a coffee bike, an ice cream bike, a juice and lemonade bike, or a hot dog bike.
Producing our gastronomic bikes, we use the highest quality materials so our products are of the best quality, failure-free, and completed in every detail. We are not afraid of new challenges! If you have your own sales concept, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will make it for you!
We care about ecology and that is why our company provides you with eco-friendly products. To avoid the emission of exhaust fumes, we do not use engines in our bikes. All the bikes are moving using the power of human muscles.
Wooden boxes are made of materials which come from small, local companies with respectful approach to a processed product, and which farm sustainable cultivations. We use natural veneer with waterproof plywood which is triple painted so the material becomes weather resistant, and does not deform.
Stainless steel
We use the highest quality stainless steel which does not corrode during operation. Moreover, we use laser cutting which guarantees production repeatability as well as absolute accuracy.
We use powder coating technology which does not require any formula of damaging solvents. Our paints are completely safe for humans and environment as well as biodegradable. A full range of RAL colour chart gives the opportunity to fit a bike to the individual requirements of a customer.
Due to reliable mobile power technology, gastronomic bikes may work up to 48 hours. A source of power in our bikes are gel batteries which are environmentally-friendly as they do not expend dangerous emissions of sulphuric acid. Their ABS case guarantees safety during moving. Moreover, the installation may be connected to solar panels making our bikes even more independent and eco-friendly.
Awards and certificates
Our gastronomic bikes won the highest prize during International Food Service Trade Fair twice. Our bikes are certified by the National Hygiene Institute so they are approved for contact with food. They also obtained an approval of most of chiefs architects of the city.


You can extend our bikes with any accessories, due to which you can easily display your products and increase profits.
A choice of several types of displays, bins, hangers for chips or bars and cabinets.
We do not forget about advertising – an illuminated backlit sign or rack with your logo will surely add charm and attract customers.

Coffe bike accessories

You can extend our bikes with any accessories!

See how our accessories are easily to assemble!
It’s so simple!
Choose them individually for your needs.

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Colours of wood

Waterproof, veneered plywood

Colours of wood


The most versatile catering bike

A mobile florist’s? A Prosecco bar at a wedding? Coffee? Cakes? Ice cream? Juice?
Did you know that our bike is the most universal device of this kind in the world?
3 sizes, 3 types of casing, hundreds of colour variations, dozens of accessories!
Watch the video and see for yourself!

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Delivery and rain protection

To protect a bike during delivery, we put it in a special box.

We designed a special curtains made of Cordura which give a protection against rain. It includes two side elements which may be folded up easily. Moreover, you can put your logo or advertisement on the curtains.


Frequently asked questions
  1. You need to run a company with appropriate business register. In Poland, a company needs to include PKD (PKD symbol from Classification of Business Activities) 56.10.B (mobile gastronomic sales).
  2. Place of sale
    You need to define where you will place your bike.
  • In case of private areas, you need to sign an agreement with an owner.
  • In case of public areas which belong for example to a city, you need to contact an appropriate office which will provide you with an agreement as well as costs of rent. Each city has its own regulations concerning mobile gastronomic sales, and we advise you to check them in your city before buying a gastronomic bike.
  1. Approval for selling food products – Sanitary-Epidemiological Station
    Before you buy a bike, we recommend you to visit Sanitary-Epidemiological Station, or other
    proper office in order to make sure a bike will be approved. If a technical drawing is required, our company will make it available for you.

    Basic requirements:
  • A bike needs to be equipped with a sink – it depends on a city if there need to be one or two of them;
  • NIH certification – you will receive it from our company;
  • An employee who has valid medical examination;
  • An employee needs to have an access to a toilet (max. 75 m from a gastronomic bike);
  • An employee needs to have an access to a cloakroom as well as a cabinet which contains cleaning suppliers;
  • A place where a gastronomic bike will be storage (with a separate sink which allows you to clean a bike) ;

Due to reliable mobile power technology, gastronomic bikes may work up to 48 hours. A source of power for our bikes are gel batteries which are environmentally-friendly as they do not expend dangerous emissions of sulphuric acid. Their ABS case guarantees safety during moving.
We fit an electrical installation individually to every project. It depends, for instance, on a quantity or a type of devices which will be used.
Charging is extremely easy – all you need to do is to connect the installation to a plug using typical 230 V cable; it lasts about 6 hours. The installation includes a display on which you can check the battery level.
Do not overcharge the devices. Overtaking the average parameters may cause damages in a converter.
Do not discharge the battery completely as it may impact its durability.

Total permitted weight including a person, devices, and products is 500 kg.

Such an extensive sales profile is not possible while considering a gastronomic bike. Because of a limited space available on a bike, you need to define a product you will sell. It is necessary to reach a compromise between accessories (appropriate devices), size (to be mobile it can’t be too big), storage cabinets (selling too many products, there won’t be enough space to storage them), and electronical installation (size of a battery, and gas cylinder). Therefore, we recommend to consider a product you would like to sell from a bike.

On a flat surface you can ride on a bike comfortably. You need to be careful on bumpy roads, as well as on kerbs. Overcoming long distance may be burdensome because of the weight of a bike. If a place where you storage a bike is located far from a sale place, we recommend to transport a bike by car or trailer.

You need to choose a bike, accessories, and a colour of a bike. We prepare a technical drawing with a description to make sure everything is clear. If necessary, we can make a visualisation which costs 300 PLN net.
While placing an order, you need to pay 50% of the total amount as a advanced payment. The other 50% need to be paid before delivery of a bike. A bike may be shipped while to total amount was paid.
If it is possible, we recommend you to come and check a bike before shipment.
In case of leasing, an advanced payment is the same, and a final overpayment will be returned while we receive a total amount from a leasing company.

You can obtain a discount while ordering 3 bikes at the same time.While ordering one bike, the price is constant.A production of a bike takes 5 weeks. Sometimes, it is possible to produce a bike a little bit faster – it depends on the quantity of orders on our production.A bike may be produced faster than 5 weeks, however, for our company a deadline is 5 weeks.In case of busy time on production, the term may be extended, and we always inform about it.5 weeks is out time to produce a bike. You should remember that while a bike is ready and, for example, we will receive your payment few days later, a load time will be longer.

No. We deliver our bikes all over the world, and it will be difficult to determine one delivery price.
Remember that we are not responsible for a delivery time.

Nie, projekty tworzone są w porozumieniu z rzeczoznawcą ds. sanitarno-epidemiologicznych i spełniają wymogi higieniczne natomiast za złożenie wniosku oraz odbiór sanepidu odpowiedzialny jest kupujący.