Are you planning to enter the mobile catering business? Let us make your decision easier!!

How much can you earn? What are the costs? How do you finance your purchase?

How quickly will I get the return on my investment? If you are wondering about these things, then we have a solution for you.

For bikes and trailers, we have prepared ready-made business plans that include product costs, sales and ongoing expenses.
We did our best to ensure that the values entered were realistic in terms of both quantity and value.

But remember that these are our calculations and depending on the place and circumstances of running a business the values may change.

To prepare your own calculation, simply enter the figures into the specific fields and the whole thing will calculate itself.

Moreover, together with our partners, we have prepared an offer for financing your investments – Profi Lease

We hope that such tools will help you make a conscious decision.

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Profi Lease is a specially prepared tool with which you can finance your investments in mobile catering. Thanks to close cooperation with our partners, we have obtained preferential conditions for our clients and worked out purchase procedures. In addition, we have prepared leasing calculations for you to easily estimate future monthly costs. Combined with the ability to check food costs before purchase, this gives you the most reliable picture of future profits on the market.

For full information on financing, please contact the trade office.

Gastronomic bikes

Check financing options and rate of return.

Gastronomic trailers

Check financing options and rate of return.

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