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As the leader of mobile gastronomy in Poland after many years of experiences, we have prepared the two most popular lengths of a trailers with optimized equipment. The trailers are designed to use them to most of popular food concepts on a market without big changes. Proven devices, solutions and repeatable dimensions make us avoid mistakes and all realization is faster. The price includes a complete trailer with furniture, cooling devices and useful elements such as advertising coffers, or folded advertising on the roof. You only need to add devices as needed.

Gastronomic trailers

We are specialists! Yes, exactly! We are specialists in mobile catering and it is hard to find a company with so much experience in this field. If you’re in the process of buying a trailer, you’ve come to the right place. Check out this video of one of our projects.

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technolog and quality

Sale trailers are made in laminated wall technology with an insulation of 25 mm (a ceiling and a floor 30 mm). Walls are made of aesthetic laminate on which you may put some advertisements easily. Mechanical elements of a chassis come from certified components of German companies such as Knott, or Alko what guarantees highest quality, safety as well as long-lasting and failure-free usage. A complex construction makes a trailer hermetic. Basic equipment includes: one sales window, one front door, axle / axles with brakes, one support wheel.
Due to their capacity, our trailers may be used in trade, gastronomy, catering, and as information, medical, exhibition, social etc. points. In every place where mobility matters.