Trailer without devices 5m

NameProducerDimension (mm)Power (kW)Power supply (V)Quantity (pc.)Net price (euro)Net sum (euro)
1A cabinet with two shelvesRed Fox1800x700x880 h1,00900,00900,00
2A stainless steel on the wallJG Gastro2200x1500 h1,00500,00500,00
3A hood with filters, lighting, and a fan 1250 m³/hJG Gastro2200x1000x500 h0,22301,001 750,001 750,00
4A table with hinged doors and space for a gas cylinderJG Gastro400x700x880 h1,00450,00450,00
5A Two-door refrigerated table with an extansionJG Gastro900x700x1040 h0,22302,001 300,002 600,00
6A stainless steel cabinet with two sinksJG Gastro1000x700x880 h1,001 050,001 050,00
7Water installationJG Gastro1,00750,00750,00
8A staff cabinetJG Gastro315x500x1800 h1,00120,00120,00
9A table with a movable shelfJG Gastro1520x700x900 h1,00450,00450,00
10A stainless steel table with two shelfJG Gastro2575x700x900 h1,001 100,001 100,00
11Refrigerated cabinet 350 lForcar600x600x1850 h0,22301,001 350,001 350,00
12A TrailerJG Gastro5000x2200x2300 h1,009 900,009 900,00
13A beech table top by the windowJG Gastro1,00750,00750,00
14Folding display on the roofJG Gastro1,00390,00390,00
15CofferJG Gastro550x60x1000 h2,00150,00300,00
16Electric installation 230 VJG Gastro1,001 000,001 000,00
17InstallingJG Gastro1,001 500,001 500,00

Total net: 24 860, 00

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Catalogue valid from 01.06.2021
Prices and technical data of products are provided in accordance with the manufacturer’s information – they are subject to update and change without prior notice

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