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Mobile gastronomy is a trend which becomes more and more popular. From a mobile sales points we may sell increasingly interesting products.
Street food is not only an interesting adventure for young people but also an attractive alternative for people running gastronomic business.
A mobile cart may be an entirely new concept as well as a mobile supplement of your already existing gastronomy.
We have designed 10 unique gastronomic concepts. Most of them are available in 2 versions: 1500 and 2000 mm.
Due to our proposition, you can easily match a cart to your product as well as maximise your profits in a small space.
High product quality together with visual and technical details as well as possibility of modification in cabinets and devices make each cart a tailor-made product.

Mobile carts

A mobile cart. This is a great solution for an independent outlet or a satellite of an existing venue. It’s perfect for working in a shopping mall, on a pedestrian street or in a garden next to a restaurant. See the video of how our carts look like.

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